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Emergency power solar battery back up systems kit

Solar Savior specializes in a variety of emergency power back up power systems and power kits. Our kits start at a small and economical 5 watt unit that is an excellent kit for science fair projects or for emergency back up power needs. Our kits advance to a very powerful 20 watt, 1 amp kit that really can be used in emergency situations or as an advanced project for the solar enthusiast. We now have a section just to purchase solar panels and accessories and we now offer completed solar kit projects for the person who just wants it done and available for those tornadoes or hurricanes or ice storms that seem to plague everyone.

The goal of this web site is to offer at an affordable cost, emergency power products in both a kit and finished form to assist in times of emergency. When the lights go out and it is hot outside and there are no phones or radios or power, the Solar Savior Kits can light the way and save the day! creator of solar savior
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